General Policies

  • Board basis

The Board basis is usually full board, which includes three delicious meals, accommodation in our en suite luxury bandas, with all non-motorised watersports free.

A normal stay is usually 3 days (2 nights) but a longer stay is advised for better excursions like a visit to the 14th century fort ruiins in Manda Island, Lamu Old town, local boat building and mat weaving industries in Kipungani village, swimming with whale sharks and dolphins at Kinyika reef and Manda Toto.

  • Airport Departure Tax and Service Charge

Airport departure taxes are now included in price of the international flight ticket for all three East African countries.

It is also the policy of most travel agencies to quote domestic fares inclusive of airport taxes. They can be paid in either local or foreign currency.

  • Decorum

Lamu is a predominant Muslim community, with strong traditional values.

The pace is laid back, with a strong attachment to a pristine way of life, perhaps the strongest indicator of why UNESCO named old Lamu Town a World Heritage site.

While the island has many resorts and holiday homes which have employed the locals, it is good manners to cover up while visiting the town or villages, especially for the ladies. A light dress/skirt covering the knees and top is preferred. Men can wear shorts and a shirt/t-shirt. Ladies need not cover the hair or face.

  • Climate

The equator divides Kenya: Seasons run as follows:

    • Summer: September - April 34˚C/194˚F 20˚C/68˚ F
    • Winter: May - August 25˚C/77˚F 11˚C/52˚F
    • Rainfall: April - May (long rains),
    • November - Mid December (short rains)

  • Electric Supply

It’s 220/240 v 50hz.

Plugs are 3 point square.

Those coming from North America with IIOv/60hz appliances should be sure to use an appropriate transformer.

Kipungani is an eco lodge, and power is by generator. The generator is switched on at 8.00 am till noon, and 6.00 pm till 12 midnight. It is possible to re-charge your electrical appliances, including video camera batteries, laptops, tablets, cell phones, etc in your room, as well as use appliances like hair dryers. Extra batteries, chargers and camera memory cards can be bought at the hotel’s boutique.

  • Health

Vaccines commended for travelers to Africa include those against – check with travel agent at time of travel

Tetanus | Diphtheria | Polio | Typhoid | Hepatitis A | Hepatitis B | Yellow fever* | Rabies | Meningitis |

Certificate required for entry into, or travel between, some African countries. Several of these vaccines require more than one dose, or take time to become effective. Seek advice on immunisation well in advance, best 6 weeks before departure.

Malaria: this is a disease spread by the female anopheles mosquitoes that bite mainly at dusk and at night. It is advisable that every traveler to Africa consult with their doctor before arriving. We provide mosquito nets for night protection, as well as repellants for use during the day.

  • Liability and Insurance

Please check the validity of your insurance against personal injuries and any loss. Heritage Hotels will not accept liability against injury or loss.

  • Time Zone

Kenya is GMT 0300 hours.

Official Language The official languages of the Republic of Kenya are Kiswahili and English.

Currency The official currency of the Republic of Kenya is the Kenya Shilling (Ksh). Major currencies like the US Dollar, British pounds and Euro are accepted (enquire at the hotel for daily exchange rates). However, US Dollar bills printed between 1996 and 1999 are generally not accepted in Kenya due to excessive forgery.

  • Credit cards

Major credit cards are accepted in most hotels and restaurants in the city. At Heritage Hotels, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Pay Pal.

  • Communication

Landlines do not work, but cell phone reception for GSM phones is good in most parts of the lodge. Enquire at the Reception for email or internet services.

  • Check in time 12:00 PM
  • Check out time 10:00 AM
  • Children age 1 - 1
  • Pets not allowed

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