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The Adventurer’s Club is a special affair for youngsters and parents. Our expert naturalists in charge of the club have exciting games for youngsters on how to be bush savvy and fit. There’s archery, beadwork, bush walks and other activities including talks on the animals, stars, cultures and plants – giving parents time to relax.




Mara Intrepids Camp


Adventurers’ Club (4 to 12 year-olds)


Set on spacious grounds in the camp is the exclusive Adventurers’ Club for the guests’ children. Designed as a challenge course, it reflects the challenges that the wildlife face and how they make it through.

Dorianna at Mara Intrepids

“We have two types of activities,” says Dorianna………a child specialist with the Heritage Hotels.


“There’s the outdoor and the indoor activities,” she explains.


The outdoor activities are action orientated exercises such as tracking, fire-making with two sticks, spear throwing, making a bow and arrow from the bushes around, identifying birds, butterflies and trees.


From 12 years upwards, the youngsters sign up for the Rangers Club.


Their activities include most of the stuff the younger group would do like making fire without any match sticks. Added on are exciting activities such as night tracking (smaller animals in the Camp) and hiking to the Maasai village. The girls are initiated into the life of a Maasai girl who traditionally has to help milk the cows and build the hut. These are done under close supervision and are fun for these are social activities.


“We train them like real rangers. So the youngsters will be shown how to read a ‘bush’ compass when you don’t have a real one; how to handle a four-wheel drive and how to get out of a sticky situation. We are constantly increasing our activities to have our repeat guests excited.


Youngsters are issued with a log book at the beginning of the stay which is signed by the naturalist at the end. Those who stay three nights and go through the full programme are awarded heritage branded T-shirts and caps and special treats like a bush dinner or breakfast.


The club has been in existence since 1999.




Mara Intrepids luxurious refurbished tents boast an additional two family suites in private settings. The family suites are unmatched – all under canvas, it houses a master room with a four-poster bed and ensuite shower and toilet. The children’s (or friends) room is with twin-beds and private bathrooms. They can be zipped (closed) for privacy. A comfortable lounge sites between the two with easy lounging sofas and divans. On the patio, one can relax on the easy chairs or even dine in privacy – the patio is shaded under an umbrella with a dining table and chairs.  The interior décor reflects the grasses of the Mara and the colours of its wide plains.


Living area in a family tent


Family tents at Mara Intrepids. The double (bed) side.

The double side of the family tent


Family tents at Mara Intrepids. The common/living area.

Living area in a family tent

All tents are by the river-front and complete with a kettle and beverages including a fridge to keep your drink cool. Raised on a deck, the easy chairs are perfect for lounging hoping for a bit of wild action.



Game Drives


Follow the antics of Notch, the only Black-maned lion in complete control of half of the Mara National Reserve – that is 700 square kilometers. John Parmasau Ole Kerore, senior guide at Mara Intrepids Camp has been following the cats of the Mara for the last 18 years and knows them by sight – and can tell you the every day nuances of the big cats that include the leopards and the cheetah. Follow their story on the Heritage website.


All the driver-guides attend regular refreshes classes and it doesn’t matter who the driver-guide is – they are all the best.


Another plus – every safari cruiser is specially fitted with a fridge for cold drinks, spacious and can open on the sides and above for uninterrupted viewing and photography.


Joseph Oleshargegilolltoriroi

Oleshargegilolltoriroi teaches a young Adventurer bush craft

Joseph the Maasai naturalist is a mine of information about the flora and fauna – including the culture of his people. A walk on the wild side with him is unforgettable.

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