Wildlife Thrives In Naivasha

All five zebras at the Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort are in good shape. They love the golf course and they have to be constantly shooed away for they love to wallow in the bunkers and destroy the greens with their hooves.






Pili, who is 14 months old is the only zebra who is injured. He hurt his right hind leg recently and was treated by KWS vet. He is improving but limping and although he does not suckle anymore, he follows his mother


The Migration In Naivasha


The Maasai Mara is famous for wildebeest but now on Crescent Island in Naivasha, there are herds of them and they move on the Island just as they do between Mara and Serengeti.





Crescent Island is also home to many other plains game like impalas, zebras, Grants’ gazelle, Thomson’s gazelle, waterbuck and others. It’s all the more reason to visit it while you’re staying at the Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort.




Crater Lake


Crater Lake near Lake Naivasha in the Great Rift Valley is home to a diversity of plains game and birds. When they are not nesting at Lake Natron in Tanzania, flocks of flamingos fly in to feed on the rich algae.




The lake is only 18 kilometers from the Great Rift Valley Lodge
and ideal for day excursions. It’s great for hiking. A walk around the rim of
the crater takes two hours. From the southern part of the crater you can see
Lake Naivasha and Lake Oloiden which are just 100 meters apart. This is a game
sanctuary that is worth visiting for the panoramic views and wildlife.








Heritage Hotels (Kenya) manages The Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort in Naivasha, just an hour an a half’s drive from Nairobi. The lodge is famous for one the longest holes in Kenya – the par 5 -  17th ‘signature’ at 598 metres (654 yards)!

 ©Heritage Hotels Ltd, Kenya.

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