Wildebeest Migration Sightings Update

It gets cloudy with showers of rain after sunset. During the day there is some drizzle. We have clear views of the sunset and sunrise. The grass is green and short in many areas.
17c in the morning
27c at midday
25c after sunset
Migration of Wildebeest and Zebras
The wildebeest and zebras migration is taking its traditional route which is south of Mara Intrepids Camp via Maji ya Fisi, to the Olkiombo plain and then to Topi plain and onto Musiara Marsh.
There is rain along the riverine forests of the Talek, Intiakitiak, Olare Orok and the Marsh. The new fresh shoots and fresh water in natural water holes dictates the direction of the migration.
The herds are moving to Paradise Crossing along the tree line of Mara River which is west of Mara Intrepids Camp. In the next two days we expect a massive crossing at Paradise Crossing towards Mara Triangle.
There is rain, storm and thunder in north Serengeti (which adjoins Mara). This might get the migration to return faster to the Serengeti. The rain in Serengeti might also keep the remaining herds from migrating which means we will experience another migration in July-August.

Wildebeest spread across Topi plain all the way to the Marsh North West of Mara Intrepids Camp, heading to Mara river Paradise Crossing.



Beautiful sun set across the Mara over Oloololo escarpment.

Report and pictures by John Parmasau – Head Safari Guide, Mara Intrepids and Mara Explorer Camps.
©Heritage Hotels Ltd, Kenya. http://www.heritage-eastafrica.com/
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