The Wildebeest Migration Endures: Maasai Mara Wildlife Update

It is warm during the day with a clear sky and a great time to enjoy the beautiful golden sunrise and sunset. It can be a bit dusty during the game drives.
17c morning
28c at midday
25c after sunset.
Migration of Wildebeest and Zebras
The migratory animals are moving to the river crossing points towards Mara Triangle Conservancy.
The migration south of Mara Intrepids Camp has crossed Sand River into the Mara led by thousands of zebras. Some are heading north while others are moving west towards Mara River. They are moving fast due to pressure from behind.
The crossing at Lookout Hill is expected to take place any time from today heading west. At the moment the big river crossings are at Paradise Crossing upstream from Lookout Crossing in the morning. We encourage guests to carry picnic boxes for it is unpredictable when the wildebeest and zebra will cross.
The water level in the Mara River is not high which makes it easier for the herds to cross and hopefully spot the crocodiles – but they are always hesitant to cross because of the danger lurking in the muddy rivers.


The lion prides are establishing themselves into family units. The nomadic male lions are roaming around looking for new prides territories to take over. The Ridge Pride also called Rekero Pride has five cubs of different ages with Lipstick & Blacky around them to make sure their offspring are safe from intruding males who will kill the cubs. By killing the cubs, the females come into heat soon after and are ready to mate with the new males. In this way the new males ensure their genes are carried on.
Double Cross pride is still doing well with 11 members.


Bahati and Saba are still around along Olare Orok. Bahati has been seen mating but shying off into the bushes by the junction of Talek and Olare Orok rivers.
Siri at Shamarta by Mara River is lactating. We think she has cubs on the big rock.


Amani’s female cub is at Shamarta not far from Siri’s (the leopard) hideout by Paradise Plain.

Special Sightings



Report and pictures by John Parmasau – Head Safari Guide, Mara Intrepids and Mara Explorer Camps.
©Heritage Hotels Ltd, Kenya.
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