The Red Currant Shrub

Common Name:  Red Currant, Rhus Bush

Swahili Name:   Mkono-chuma

Usage and treatment

  • Part used-Leaves, branches and
  • Leaves for treating heartburn and stomachache
  • Leaves as a water inhalant for coughs and colds
  • The branches are used to treat stomach complaints
  • Root decoctions are taken for gastro-intestinal ailments, influenza, headaches, constipation, neck pains, diarrhea, and as anthelmintic against hookworm
  • The fresh stems are used for treating toothache
  • The twigs are used as chewing sticks
  • Both the unripe green fruits, and the ripe red fruits are gathered and eaten in handfuls as a snack, they taste acid but are refreshing
  • An infusion of the bark is drunk as a tea
  • Tender young leaves and shoots are chewed as food
  • The decoction is also given to a woman suffering from repeated abortions or still-births, and to children with fits
  • The leaves are crushed and put in a bath for women with a prolapsed uterus

Report by Daniel Kilonzo, Resident Naturilist, Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort.

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