The Migration Is Here!

The weather’s great with clear mornings, cool afternoons and clear sunsets. Temperatures vary between 16ºC and 27ºC.





The annual migration of the wildebeest and zebra has begun – both for the resident from the Loita plains and those coming in from the Serengeti.


The Serengeti-Mara migration is at Sand River approaching the Mara reserve. The herds can be seen south of Mara Intrepids Camp by the Mara Bridge.  They are moving faster than usual. This could be due to the fresh grass sprouting after the rains a few days ago.

The resident wildebeest and zebra are at Topi Plain between Olare Orok and Rhino Ridge. There are also big herds of topis, gazelles and hartebeests.



The predators are having a good time now for there is plenty of food i.e. prey.


Lion sightings are getting better for the prides are beginning to re-group themselves. There is enough food for the families and less competition for food.

The chances of the cubs surviving are good versus when there’s not enough prey around.

The Olkiombo pride, Ridge pride and Marsh pride are doing well with no cubs lost.

The Olkeju-ronkai pride lost 12 of their 13 cubs last year. 


Olive and Saba are operating in their territory but Bahati is trying to distance herself from the two. Bahati has been seen between Rekero and the junction of Talek and Olare Orok rivers.



Regularly seen around Mara Intrepids Camp around Olkiombo plains are Malaika and her male cub aged one and half years. There’s also Tante and Narasha (Alama) with her two cubs – a male and a female.

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Heritage Hotels (Kenya) manages two luxury camps in the Masai Mara - Mara Explorer and Mara Intrepids - in the confluence of the four game viewing areas of the Masai Mara. The camps are on the banks of the Talek River, with most tents spread along the banks.  Report by John Parmsau. Pictures by John Parmasau & Ndeithi Kariuki  ©Heritage Hotels Ltd, Kenya.
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