The Grand African Safari – Explorer Style

A Private Paradise

Mara Explorer, Masai Mara, Kenya

With ten tents on the peninsula of the Talek river, it’s understated luxury in the wild. Each tent set on a deck has an open plan, three sides that can be unzipped for a stunningly wide panorama of the wildscape that include the resident hippos and crocodiles. An outdoor tub completes the hedonistic lifestyle of the the big game hunters safari-era. A novel way of saying ‘do not disturb’ is the Masai spear planted in the middle of the path leading to the private abode where bathing under the skies begs total privacy.
The exclusive tented camp is only open for booked clients.




Mara Explorer, Masai Mara, Kenya
Mara Explorers luxurious tents boast open panoramas including a private deck, an en-suite bathroom including a bathtub on the deck overlooking the river. The enormous king-size bed faces the plains of Africa. Each tent has a private bar and  and en-suite shower and toilet. One can relax on the easy chairs or even dine in privacy.
Mara Explorer, Masai Mara Kenya

All tents come complete with a kettle and beverages including a fridge to keep your drink cool. Raised on a deck, the easy chairs are perfect for lounging in the wild.
Each tent is assigned a butler – what more can you ask for….



It’s fine dining at Mara Explorer with each menu specially suited to the guests’ list. The best cuts, the freshest vegetables and the wickedest desserts are served at all meals using the best ingredients. High on the list is healthy eating with the chef ready to serve calorie-conscious dishes – from vegetarians to vegans.
Mara Explorer, Masai Mara, Kenya


The beautiful dining area is on a raised deck with a bonfire in the evenings to keep the chill at bay. The adjoining lounge is a gallery of African art collected from around the continent and a library. The lush sofas make lounging so fashionable while sipping the best of wines.



Game Drives

Follow the antics of Notch, the only Black-maned lion in complete control of half of the Mara National Reserve – that is 700 square kilometers. John Parmasau Ole Kerore, senior guide at Mara Intrepids Camp has been following the cats of the Mara for close to two decades and knows them by sight. All the driver guides are well-versed with the every day nuances of the big cats that include the leopards and the cheetah. Follow their story on the Heritage website.


Mara Explorer, Masai Mara, Kenya

All the driver-guides attend regular refreshes classes and it doesn’t matter who the driver-guide is – they are all the best.


Mara Explorer, Masai Mara, Kenya
Another plus – every safari cruiser is specially fitted with a fridge for cold drinks, spacious and can open on the sides and above for uninterrupted viewing and photography.

Joseph Oleshargegilolltoriroi the Maasai naturalist is a mine of information about the flora and fauna – including the culture of his people. A walk on the wild side with him is unforgettable.

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