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  • Samburu Intrepids is a lush oasis on the banks of the great Uaso Nyiro River in Samburu Game Reserve. The tented lodge is a delight to be in – deliciously cooled by the river breeze and the forest. The luxury tented camp sits on raised decks overlooking the brown river where the elephants sometimes make an appearance or the crocodiles come out to lounge by the river’s banks. Watch the Samburu Intrepids video here (9 mins)

    Dry, rugged and stunning, Samburu’s landscape is at once stark and sensual, with its iconic loaf shaped Lolokowe Mountain and hills spreading in every horizon. Its life lung is the Usao Nyiro River coursing through its craggy terrain full of stone, thorn bush and the forked doum palms. In this arid zone where water is scarce and the land baked by the eternal sun, herds of elephants and the big cats roam the plains with the Samburu special - the Reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, Beisa oryx, Somali ostrich and the long necked antelope, the gerenuk easily seen despite its harsh climes.

    Luxury Tents

    Why Samburu Intrepids?

    • Newly renovated tents, with four-poster king size beds
    • Choice of game viewing in Samburu or Buffalo Springs Reserves
    • Cultural immersions in pristine ways of neighbouring Samburu tribesmen
    • Clear Equatorial night skies for astronomy
    • Open sided safari jeeps for best game viewing
    • Picturesque mountainous landscape
    • Knowledgeable and highly-certified guides
    • The best kids clubs in the region for cultural and wildlife edutainment
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