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The heavy rains have started and the Mara rivers and luggas are flooded.
The luggas (seasonal rivers) can only be crossed using 4×4 vehicles – and at
this point these are the only vehicles that can handle the Mara roads.
Masai Mara, Kenya, rain
The Talek, Intiakitiak and Olare Orok river crossing are completely
flooded and not passable. One can only access the Mara Intrepids Camp using the
Talek bridge and then using the footbridge to cross over. Hence the game drives
are possible on from the Camp on both sides of the Talek River, where the Ridge
Pride is and Olive the leopard with Bahati. The plains game is abundant -
topis, impala and gazelles everywhere. 

Since it’s the beginning of the long rains, the grass is short in some
areas attracting the grazers.
 Herds of zebra, topi and gazelles stretch from east of Mara Intrepids
Camp to Intiakitiak and Olare Orok Rivers. The Topi Plain,  Shamarta
and Paradise Plain west of Mara Intrepids Camp are also rich in game.
Buffaloes, Masai Mara, Kenya, safari


Very good predators’ sightings around and far from Mara Intrepids Camp.
Notch, Masai Mara, lions, safari, Kenya, Maasai


The lion prides are scattered. They are in small groups of two, six and
13. Notch and his bully boys (his four sons) had killed nine cubs reducing the
pride of 22 to 13.

The Ridge Pride of 11 is south of Mara Intrepids Camp, across the Talek
River. The females are enjoying the company of Notch. Notch and his boys are
very good at hunting hippos. In the last four months, they have killed five
hippos. It’s unusual for instead of the females doing the hunting, it’s the
males doing it.     

Notch with hippo, Masai, Maasai, Mara, Kenya, safari


Notch with hippo, Masai, Maasai, Mara, Kenya, safari


lions eating hippo, Masai, Maasai, Mara, Kenya, safari


Olive is still hiding her cubs across the foot bridge. She is seen
occasionally coming out to hunt and disappearing in the thick forest. She
targets the male impalas and Thomson gazelles.
Bahati is at the Rekero Crossing hunting her favourite prey, the Thomson
leopard, Kali, Maasai, Masai, Mara, Kenya, safari


A female cheetah with two young female cubs age seven months has been
seen regularly. She hunted male impalas and warthog piglets.
The two brothers
are roaming between Maji ya Fisi and Rhino Ridge.
cheetah, shingo, Masai, Maasai, Mara, Kenya, Mara Intrepids, jeeps


cheetah, shingo, Masai, Maasai, Mara, Kenya, Mara Intrepids, jeeps

Heritage Hotels (Kenya) manages two luxury camps in the Masai Mara - Mara Explorer and Mara Intrepids - in the confluence of the four game viewing areas of the Masai Mara. The camps are on the banks of the Talek River, with most tents spread along the banks.  Report and pictures by John Parmasau &  Dixon “DC” Chelule, Mara Explorer & Mara Intrepids Camp ©Heritage Hotels Ltd, Kenya.http://www.heritage-eastafrica.com/
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