Out And About In Ziwani, Tsavo West

Driving to Serengeti plains (not to be confused with Serengeti National Park in northern Tanzania), our guests had one wish – to see the Masai giraffe. They had never seen them in the wild. Luckily near Lake Jipe we spotted a herd after which we returned to the Camp via Slaughter hill and the Sniper Tree – both features of the First World War.







(Eurocephalus rueppelli)
With up to 200 different species of birds around the Santé River, the Northern White-Crowned shrike is often seen in pairs of 3 or 4. They spend much of the time hunting from exposed perches. They are quite vocal, sometimes producing harsh scolding notes and at other times musical tweets. This picture of the shrike was taken in the Camp.
A seasonal bird at the Camp, we’ve had great sightings during the rains along Sante River.



Spotted hyenas are the largest and most powerful of the three species of hyena found in Africa. They are also the most numerous of East Africa’s large predators.
During the day, hyenas often lie in shallow muddy pools to keep cool. We see them often on game drives.


However, we also have the Stripped hyenas in our Sanctuary. They are rare and strictly nocturnal predators. We sometimes see them on our night game drives.
According to African cultural beliefs, (for example the Maasai), the hippopotamus are regarded as very jealous in terms of sharing females in their territory. It doesn’t exist. Male hippos will fight to death to defend their territory.


This is what we witnessed with our guests during the night game drive and lots of thanks to Liz and Wayne Peachey from England for sharing with us with these amazing photographs of the fight.

This huge Hippo was captured while grazing in Sante River after a rest at the restaurant foyer.


A few months ago, I reported about the Albino zebra on Ziwani plains. A few days ago, we were on a game drive in the Sanctuary, looking out for the three cheetah brothers (i.e. Kazungu, Juma and Patrick) whom we had not seen for a few months.


We headed to Kidong plains since the Sanctuary has been extended that far. Both sides of the road were occupied by large herds of zebras when I spotted the albino zebra in the middle of other zebras. It was good seeing him again – alive.



Heritage Hotels (Kenya) manages one luxury camps on the western edge of Tsavo West National Park – Voyager Ziwani Camp. Located on a private sanctuary on the western edge of Tsavo, the camp sits on a secluded dam on the Sante River – home to turtles, crocodiles and hundreds of basking hippos.   Reports and pictures by Salim Ibrahim & Stephen “Chameleon” Lekatoo, Voyager Ziwani Camp ©Heritage Hotels Ltd, Kenya. http://www.heritage-eastafrica.com/
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