Heritage Chefs Feted In National Tourism Competitions

In 1998 the Kenya Utalii College Liaison Committee held the first National Tourism Competitions (NTC) to enhance service in Kenya’s tourist industry.


Every year thousands of Kenyans in the tourist industry compete for coveted titles under the following categories:

  • ✓ Cooks “International Cuisine”
  • ✓ Cooks “Local Cuisine”
  • ✓ Waiters
  • ✓ Barmen
  • ✓ Housekeeping Supervisors
  • ✓ Receptionists
  • ✓ Guest Relations Officers
  • ✓ Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Attendants
  • ✓ Food & Beverage Controllers
  • ✓ Safari Guides and Naturalists
  • ✓ Spa Therapy Personnel
  • ✓ Hotel Animation Personnel

The Heritage Hotels team is proud to announce its winning team – the winners of the NTC 2012:

✓ Best Chef “Local Cuisine” Joseck Mbaka  of Mara Intrepids
  2. ✓ Second Best Chef “International Cuisine ” Edson Shako of Voyager Beach Resort
  3. ✓ Third Best Chef “International Cuisine”  David Mwangi of  Kipungani Explorer, Lamu
  4. ✓ Fourth Best Chef “International Cuisine” Evans Lilechi of Mara Intrepids


Fine dining Chef Fred Okinda-style!

The competitions are supported by the Hotel and Tourism Sector and various organizations.


Competition is stiff but the exposure is vital to promote talent and innovative ideas to enhance service delivery in their respective realms.


In addition, the competition provides a platform for competitors to discover outstanding skills to motivate excellence in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. The competitions encourage the service industry to reach for world class status and participate in the global arena which is in line with the country’s economic development blueprint, Vision 2030, aimed at making Kenya a high-end tourist destination.

We congratulate the team with a special thanks to the Heritage Hotels Regional Chef Livingstone Asikoye and his associate Robin Nyambu who are in charge of training the chefs.


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