Migration Update – 25th July 2014

It’s cloudy early morning with clear skies mid-morning. You have to dress warm for early morning game-drives. We provide our guests with Maasai shukas (blankets) on game-drives.
17c morning
28c at midday
25c after sunset
The Migration
The migrating wildebeest and zebras have been crossing to the west of the Mara following rain along Oloololo Escarpment and the Olare Orok Conservancy in the north. There has been a lot of up and down movement for the rains have not been even and locally distributed.
Another large herd from south of the Mara is streaming in from north Serengeti through Sand River. Led by a herd of zebras, they get in to the Mara where the grass is heavily over grazed by the earlier migrating herds.
The first lot is at Talek River behind Mara Explorer crossing. The zebras are in the lead while the wildebeest follow.
Their area of interest is between Rekero and Rhino Ridge. It’s a valley that stretches to Paradise Crossing. It’s the last place to visit on the migration route. It is the only place that is supporting herds of buffalo at the moment, for it is green, has water springs and pools.






The Double Cross pride is starving at the moment for the wildebeest and zebras have moved to the marsh after crossing Mara River in the west.
Barnoti and Oloolpapit, who have not yet acquired a pride are scavenging for food from the hyenas. They have a lot of claw cuts and bites on their bodies that show they have been fighting for survival.
Notch’s boys have expanded their territorial boundaries far south over looking Sand River. The four brothers are still together looking healthy.






The Ridge male is at Double Crossing, either at Topi plain or Olkiombo plain depending on prey availability.

Amani is at Lookout Hill with her seven-month-old cub and her older daughter.


Report and pictures by John Parmasau – Head Safari Guide, Mara Intrepids and Mara Explorer Camps.
©Heritage Hotels Ltd, Kenya. http://www.heritage-eastafrica.com/
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