Masai Mara – Season of Bounty


Mornings: cold
Day: hot
Evenings: cool with occasional drizzling
Every day: amazing sunset and sunrise



15c morning
28c at midday
18c after sunset




It’s been great around Mara Intrepids and Mara Explorer camps. There are huge herds of impala, waterbucks, Cape buffalo and good sightings of hippos out of the water in the mornings.
The grass is getting scarce by the day due to the prevailing dry weather forcing the hippos to go further from the rivers in search of pastures which delay their return to the rivers.
The water level in the Olare Orok and the Talek rivers is very low and the rivers are almost stagnant and very muddy forcing the hippos to stay on the river banks.
The topi, gazelles, impala and warthogs are having their young as this is their season for dropping their young.
Several sightings of ostrich nesting have also been recorded. Some are with chicks.








Ridge Pride


The pride is in very good shape and seen around the camp. With the migration still on they are hunting with multiple kills in a day.
The males are busy mating with the females. Blacky has been very active with the Ridge females and two other females from the Double Cross pride.
The Double Cross pride had split and disappeared.
Semenya the masculine female is the latest female to mate with Blacky along Olare Orok River. The pride has a new set of four cubs aged one month old. Lipstick appears to be taking care of them.



Olkeju Ronkai Pride


It’s also doing extremely well with 13 members inclusive of six cubs and one male who is in charge of the pride. The lions are making successful kills every other day.
The male has been mating with different females over the past few days.




Olkiombo Pride


The pride has eight lionesses but no male. We are waiting to see whether the Ridge males will take over and incorporate them in the Ridge pride as they are in their territory.
The pride which has relocated from Fig Tree is relaxed with plenty of wildebeest and zebras to hunt.



Paradise pride


The four musketeers are still in charge of the pride. They are doing very well and recently killed a hippo around Chemorta. The pride has new sets of cubs from two females. The males have also been mating with other females in the pride.





Bahati our resident leopard has been around Kivuko ya Rekero and Olare Orok at Smelly Crossing with the male cub. The female cub is very shy and stays hidden most of the time.



Kabosso the female has a new set of cubs and is doing very well hunting almost every day successfully. Her cubs are still a bit shy but have been seen at Double Crossing and Kivuko ya Kuinama. Her previous litter is well and the female cub has relocated to Ntiakitiak Crossing. She has been very successful hunting gazelles and impalas. Her brother is around Chumvi Chumvi at Double Crossing and also doing very well.





Malaika has relocated with her two cubs to survey the area south of Mara Intrepids and Mara Explorer camps.
The cubs from her previous litter – Malkia and Mfalme – are doing very well and are mostly seen around Chemarta, though not together – but also not far from each other. They hunt independently.
Nora is still with her cub and they are around Olkeju Rongai hunting mostly young gazelles. This is good learning for the cub.
Ranii and her three cubs are still together around Lookout Hill.
Imani has parted ways with her cubs and she was seen in Chemarta looking very pregnant. We expect another set of cubs soon.







The migration is still on and we have had the wildebeest that had crossed over to the Mara Triangle come back. There have been some major crossings all along the Mara River at all the crossing points.


The Topi Plains is packed with wildebeest and zebras, heading east towards Olare Motorogi Conservancy which is still green. Possee Plains is also full of wildebeest and zebra making their way back to the Serengeti. Paradise Plains is also full because it has a bit of grass so the wildebeest are mowing it down.



Report and pictures by Raphael Koikai, Joseph Kang’ethe and Dennis Waweru, Mara Intrepids and Mara Explorer Camps, Masai Mara.


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