Maasai Mara Wildlife Sightings


Mornings: cold
Day: hot
Evenings: cool with occasional drizzling
Every day: amazing sunset and sunrise



15c morning
28c at midday
18c after sunset




Migrating herds seen around Maji ya Fisi across the Talek river heading towards the south. There have also been several river crossing along the Mara River at Paradise Plains. On a separate occassion, a mini river crossing happened at Olare Orok river (Mwongera) where the two rivers merge – Ntiakitiak and Olare Orok. The herds are heading south towards Posse Plains.
An Olive sand snake swallowing a frog near Olkiombo airstrip was reported. A big herd of giraffes was also spotted loitering around the airstrip area.
Huge herds of elephants were seen heading towards Paradise plains from Topi plains. There was a rare sighting of our elusive rhino at Daraja ya Mungu heading towards Paradise plains. While huge herds of buffaloes were heading towards the Topi plains.







The Ridge pride was along the Rhino Ridge while the Rongai pride was around the Olkeju Ronkai River. They were also spotted at Topi Plain with a zebra kill and a wildebeest kill at Rhino Ridge. Malkia the cheetah was not far from them, resting.
The Double Cross pride was seen at the Mara plains.
‘Lipstick’ the lion controlling the Ridge pride was mating. Hopefully she will give birth in three months. One of the Ridge pride females has cubs aged 3 months.
The Double cross pride was at Saning’o crossing. The Ridge and Ronkai prides were in their respective territories. The two musketeers, Moran and Hunter were at Paradise Plains. Moran was mating with one female. Also two females from the same pride were at Makuti area with their five cubs aged two months old.
The famous Notch’s boys – the three surviving were seen at Lookout hill in the southwestern edge of the park where they have established their territory.


The young female leopard (Kaboso’s daughter) was seen around Double Crossing where she’s trying to establish her territory. She was spotted with her two latest cubs. She’s an amazing leopard.
Another young male leopard – Fig’s son was resting at Double Cross along Ntiakitiak River where he’s trying to establish his territory.
Lorian was along Ronkai River near balloon crossing.



Bahati’s son has been spotted on the other side of Olkiombo airstrip. He likes to be alone.
Malaika’s daughter was seen at the maternity site with a Thomson gazelle. Neema was seen near Olkinyei area.
Imani was sighted at Kivuko ya Nyoka resting. She’s pregnant.
Malkia (Malaika’s daughter) was at the maternity area where she killed a cape hare.



Report and pictures by Raphael Koikai, Joseph Kang’ethe and Dennis Waweru, Mara Intrepids and Mara Explorer Camps, Masai Mara.


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