Kiltamany Girls Boarding School Gets A Helping Hand

Five years ago, Heritage Hotels embarked on a school project at Kiltamany Girls School. It was to furnish the school dormitory for the local Samburu girls. The dormitory was opened on 25th January by the Honorable Moses Lenolkulal, the governor of Samburu County.


Heritage Hotels and the school are grateful to Kathleen Peddicord and her family who were guests at Samburu Intrepids Camp in July 2013 for helping with the furnishing.









On the safari, the young son, Master Jackson Peddicord was intrigued by the Samburu community. He wanted to see how the Samburu men drew blood from the livestock. Mixed with milk and herbs, the concoction is drunk by the men.


I organized a treat for the family to visit Kiltamany in Westgate Conservancy bordering Samburu National Reserve.


We left the Camp early morning and after a 15-minute drive we were at Kiltamany village. Jackson the adventurer joined the Samburu boys partaking in the morning activities. The Samburu lads taught Jackson how to make fire using sticks. He was also invited to take part in drawing blood from a goat – which is done by shooting a small arrow in the jugular vein of the animal. It is a shallow depression which is sealed after the blood has been let out and the animal is not harmed. Jackson also helped the Samburu women to milk goats.


The family was impressed by the community that welcomed them at Kiltamany. After a walk-around the village and a visit to the community school, Kathleen’s family donated the mattresses to the girls’ boarding school so that the girls do not have to walk miles to school – or sometimes miss school when the wild animals are in the way.


The first group of girls – 30 very excited boarders – was admitted on 25th February. The next project is to have a boys’ boarding school.


We thank Kathleen and her family for the donation. 


Steven Tilas, Resident Naturalist, Samburu Intrepids Camp ©Heritage Hotels Ltd
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