Head Of The Serengeti Herds At Paradise Crossing

The weather is super with cool, clear mornings, becoming warmer in the afternoons with temperatures hitting 27ºC. The sunsets are stunning – molten golden in the horizon.





The migration is moving up north very fast. Herds of wildebeest and zebra are heading towards Mara Intrepids Camp. They can be seen around Maji-ya-Fisi (Hyena pool) up to Ngama Hills by the border of Serengeti.


It’s a good time to wait at the rivers to see them make the river crossing.  There are many crossing points between the Talek River (even though the water level is quite low) to the Olkiombo Plain by Mara Intrepid.




The Mara weather is unique and changes quickly. A week ago we had rain. But the water holes are dry and therefore the herds are moving faster than expected in search of water to
quench their thirst because the grass they feed on is more like hay.




The zebra herds are further west towards Paradise Crossing, ahead of the wildebeest. The zebra are near Topi Plain enjoying the grass before the wildebeest arrive. The Paradise Crossing is busy at the moment with zebras crossing to the west and into the Mara Triangle.


The water level in the Mara River is not high enough for crocodiles to hunt. Hence the crossing today was successful with no casualties. It’s not a very good time for the Nile crocodiles that have been waiting for months for this opportunity but they have to go hungry again.    





Predators are having a good time for there is food all around them. The best time for
action is late in the evening and early in the morning. The rest of the day, the cats rest in the bushes to avoid being seen by the prey and also it’s too hot for them to do anything.




The prides are healthy and the cubs very playful.


The Olkeju-Ronkai pride of 11 is in the middle of Meta plain concealed by the tall grass, waiting for the wildebeest. It’s hard to see the lions.

The Olkiombo pride is divided in two groups, each living independently in the same territory. The bigger pride that’s Notch’s favourite has twelve cubs and four lionesses. Notch loves to be with cubs.

The second group of six has one cub and five lionesses.

The Ridge pride of 12 is still together with their sub-adult aged two and half years.

The Paradise pride of 11 has three black-manned lions. They operate both sides of the Mara River.

The Marsh pride is also divided into two. One group of nine has three lionesses; three cubs aged one year and three males. They are at Topi plain. Two of the lionesses are mating. The other group of twenty six is at Marsh. Scarface, the male lion is with them.





There are lots of leopard sighting all along Talek River between Fig tree and Mara Intrepids Camp following the wildebeest. A female with a cub was seen hunting a wildebeest calf. A male
leopard was also seen with a wildebeest kill two kilometers near Mara Intrepids Camp.

In the west near Paradise plain at Shamarta, two young leopard males were seen separately. One had an impala kill and the other was with a buffalo kill.  They were at the marshy section near the
albino hippo pool, both very calm and posing for photos.

Olive is a little confused because the wildebeest are between the crossings in her territory. She can’t
make up her mind which one to hunt at.




The cheetahs have moved towards the clear plains where the wildebeest have cleared the grass. This has made it easier for them to hunt their preferred prey which is the Thomson and Grant gazelles.

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