Great Safari Weather In The Mara

The weather is great – cool with showers in the evening. Morning temperatures are around 17ºC and afternoons  27ºC.




The wildebeest and zebra have crossed Mara River from the west to east. They are around Rhino Ridge and Posse
Plain after the rains last week. They are everywhere now and easily seen around Mara Intrepids.










Predator sightings has been the best ever recorded around Olkiombo plains, particularly
of the leopards and the cheetahs.



There are new born cubs in all the prides around Olkiombo area. The Marsh pride has three cubs aged three
months old and the Ridge pride has two and Paradise pride has two. The rest of the prides have not removed the young from cover.





Marsh pride is mating. Two females are in estrous and three with Ridge pride. Notch with one of his son’s
is at Hammer kop lugga with the Olkiombo pride which has ten cubs. Notch’s other three sons are with Olkeju ronkai pride at Shonko crossing. The Ridge pride and Paradise pride has been taken by Notch three sons.



Bahati killed a Thomson gazelle west of Olkiombo airstrip and Olive was spotted at Smelly crossing coming from
the north. She has signs of lactating.




Amani has separated with her cubs in the evening of the 9th August 2013 at Rhino ridge. She went
to Paradise plain and the three cubs went south of Rhino ridge, hunting Thomson gazelles and wildebeest calves.




Narasha is at Paradise plain with two grown up cubs. She will soon separate from them. Malaika and her son are
at Hammer kop lugga.

Heritage Hotels (Kenya) manages two luxury camps in the Masai Mara - Mara Explorer and Mara Intrepids - in the confluence of the four game viewing areas of the Masai Mara. The camps are on the banks of the Talek River, with most tents spread along the banks.  Report and Pictures by John Parmasau, Head Guide, Mara Explorer & Intrepid Camps   ©Heritage Hotels Ltd, Kenya.

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