Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort Hosts Magical Kenya Golf Tour Operators FAM Trip.

Great Rift Valley Lodge was proud to host the 1st edition of the Magical Kenya Golf Tour Operators Familiarization Trip. This tournament was a great opportunity for the golfers to sample some of the most exquisite golf courses in Nairobi & Naivasha.
Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort alongside Sigona Golf Course and Windsor Golf Course were selected to host the 35 Golf Tour Operators.
The trip was a great success. A beautiful 18-hole championship golf course, coupled with the picturesque views & perfect weather afforded the golfers the opportunity to enjoy every moment of being on the course.
The icing on the cake was definitely the Zebras grazing on the course. What a beautiful spectacle to behold! The golfers were utterly blown away.










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