First World War Centenary

In August 2014 the world will commemorate 100 years since the start of the First World War(WWI).
Taita-Taveta County will be the focus of this commemoration as they host some of the major protagonists of WWI.Taita-Taveta was the main battlefield between the German & the British forces that endured for 4 years and which was known as the longest E. African Campaign of WWI (1914 -18)
One of the battle sites Salaita Hill, is especially prominent as this is where the most brutal battles of the East African campaign took place. The hill was named ‘Salaita’ by the local community as they could not pronounce the word ‘slaughter’ hill as was commonly known to the German soldiers.
Salaita Hill is also the area where the British forces were killed by a German female sniper.The legendary sniper took cover from a baobab tree a.k.a #TheSniperTree which still stands today some 18 kms away from Voyager Ziwani Camp.Legend has it that she was avenging the killing of her lover by the British soldiers. Embittered, the widow hid in the hollow baobab tree and shot many an unsuspecting British soldiers. The legend has never actually been verified and could be just an enduring myth among the local community.
James Willson, renowned historian & author of Guerrillas of Tsavo, conducted a 3- day Battlefield training at Voyager Ziwani Camp.The team visited the WWI sites around Salaita Hill, Taveta War Cemetery & ‘The Cross Of Sacrifice”The team were awarded with certificates for attending the battlefield training.
This commemoration will also boost the introduction of Battlefield Tourism in Taita-Taveta County which will expose the county to a huge number of tourists, making the county one of the leading tourism attractions.
Did you know: The first bullet in the war in East Africa was reported to have been fired from the colonial District Commissioner’s office in Taveta?
Click here for more information about the World War battle sites in Taita-Taveta County.
Read more about the legendary German Frau & the Sniper Tree.
About Voyager Ziwani Camp:
Once the site for the German Schutztruppe (protection force) in WWI, Voyager Ziwani is also located in big game country. Located on a private sanctuary on the western edge of Tsavo West, the camp sits on a secluded dam on the Sante River.
Tsavo West National Park is famous for the red elephants & Man eating lions of Tsavo, Mzima Springs & Volcanic rubble knows as Chaimu, & Shetani lava.

Voyager Ziwani Team at Salaita Hill with James Willson

With James Willson at the Cross Of Sacrifice

With James Willson at the Sniper Tree

With James Willson at Taita-Taveta War Cemetary

Voyager Ziwani Team awarded certificates for attending the Battlefield Training

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