Dining In The Wild In Samburu

Just in case you find eating in the camp a tad too simple, there’s the option of a bush breakfast laid out on the banks of the Uaso Nyiro river after a morning game drive or the bush dinner under the star-filled skies of the African veld.

“We have different menus for the bush dinner,” entices Okinda.


There’s the appetizers, salads, grill and roast followed by a spread of desserts and to finish – piping hot coffee and tea accompanied with cheese and crackers.


Special Diets


“We take health matters very seriously,” says Okinda. “Guests will normally tell us if they have special dietary requirements. Nevertheless, on arrival the chef will meet with the guest specially and go through the menus again.”

Dining under the African skies

The Best





  • The grey water is passed through the marshy area for natural filtering.
  • Solar heating
  • Future plans for water harvesting from the roofs.
  • Waste management – all waste is separated for either recycling or composting or collection by professional waste handlers.
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