Corporate Social Responsibility – Maasai Mara Eye Mission (2011)

In June of 2011 , Heritage Hotels teamed up with MEAK (Medical and Educational Aid to Kenya) team in Masai Mara. The medical team consisted of doctors from Kwale District Eye Centre near Mombasa, MEAK and Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital.

  • Due to cultural norms, the Masai are often afflicted by what are containable eye infections, but which can lead to blindness if untreated.
  • 293 patients were investigated with 111 operated for cataracts and 25 for tarsal plate rotations.
  • Many more were treated for conjunctival infections and allergies, with more than 300 bottles of eye drops and 11 pairs of reading glasses prescribed.
  • The team also operated on two children, one nine year old with cataracts to both eyes and one seven year old with a cataract in her right eye, with both getting their sight restored.
  • Pre-screening was organized at various centres and manyattas (homesteads) in the communities surrounding the reserve.
  • Heritage Hotels provided food, accommodation and transport for the patients and the manager’s house as a temporary clinic.

Watch the video below:

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