Adventures for the Young at Heritage Hotels

Nothing compares to life in the wild. When we talk about the wild in Africa, it’s about our wild spaces and wildlife. Drawing on that, the Heritage group has activities so adventurous and exciting that will keep your children busy learning about the wild side of life.
Whether your children are teens or just getting there, they will be in the best hands for our naturalists are highly trained guides and marine conservationists to edu-tain your children – and it’s a free service for we believe that education for the youth is absolutely necessary to save our priceless heritage. And we promise you, that your children will barely miss you.
The Adventurer’s Club for the Kids
For the best edu-tainment on safari, the Adventurer’s Club has activities ranging from identifying animals from their scats and spoors to learning about the constellations of stars and other heavenly bodies in the skies; from the volcanic origins of the Rift Valley to the stunning sea life – depending on which Heritage lodge or hotel you are at. It keeps boredom at bay, as there will always be something new for the youngsters to learn or explore at every Heritage place on your African safari.
Just to give you a taste of a typical day at the Adventurer’s Club, children are free to visit the club where they are met by a naturalist and a plan put together for the day or the duration of your stay. Our mix of local guides like the Maasai naturalists, Samburu trackers and sea specialists have the most intriguing gamut of activities such as survival skills in the wild, learning about the good and the bad plants, crafting their own bow and arrow from the bushes, marking their faces as warriors would with natural colours from the plants to tackling the obstacle course. Learning couldn’t be more fun than this as your child goes through the paces of being a leopard stalking a prey or the prey being stalked by the predator, using every bit of ingenuity to outwit the predator. If your children come out looking like Mowgli from Rudyard Kipling’s all time favourite ‘Jungle Book’, you should leave them longer at the lodge. Besides the games, all the Heritage properties have resource centers for the children, full of animal skulls and bones, spoors and droppings, books, charts and board games. Regular quizzes and competitions with fun prizes to win, keep the children on high alert.
The Young Rangers’ Club for your teenagers is a more hands-on ‘bush school’ with exciting safaris to the nearby national parks, marine parks or even up the volcanoes with the guides on hand to explain the special features and wildlife in that area. The rangers in the being learn the intricate skills of bush survival such as making a fire without matches to learning what to eat in the wild – where there’s no food store – without getting poisoned. The young rangers will explore the wild world from the largest and smallest animals, which include birds, insects, snakes and snails to the world of the Maasai and Samburu warriors. They will also have the opportunity to mingle with the local children and learn about their cultures and traditions as well as becoming involved in local conservation work.
At the end of the stay, each Ranger will receive an official certificate as proof of her or his new ‘bush savvy’ award.
Membership to the Adventurers’ and Ranger’s Club is free for children visiting the following properties:
• Mara Intrepids, Masai Mara National Reserve
• Samburu Intrepids, Samburu National Reserve
• Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort, Naivasha
• Voyager Beach Resort, Mombasa
• Voyager Ziwani, Tsavo West National Park

Keeping the ‘big kids’ happy
For the adults, all Heritage properties have an abundance of both exciting and relaxing activities ranging from game safaris to scuba diving and much more, with time to be pampered with massages and beauty treatments.
We have a vibrant mix of places to stay at from luxurious tents in the middle of the Mara wilderness to rooms overlooking the ocean or into the great valley – all offer a holiday that provides convenience, comfort and the opportunity for parents to enjoy precious time alone while knowing their children are in safe hands.










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